I am barely sad these days and it is a good thing. It is a good thing that I wake up in the morning and you are not the first thought I have. You are no longer the pain I cannot bear to carry. You are no longer the loss that left me empty. I am happier, lighter, stronger.

and yet…

I remember;

The way your eyes wrinkle at the edges when you found something I said amusing, which was almost always. The way your lips often found their way on mine, soft and comforting. The way you looked in bed at 3ams, legs draped in mine, your breath on my cheek, your forehead on mine. Your silly jokes and your cheeky smile. The look on your face every time you said I was beautiful. The safeness I felt every time you were around.

I remember the tiny things and how you loved me in your quiet way and it doesn’t hurt so much anymore that you left. You loved me. I had you. I had this.

I am happier, lighter, stronger but I will constantly love you.

-g.n. (via letters-to-the-sea)